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Top 12 Zoom Alternatives of Zoom for Online Meetings and Conferences

‘Zoom’ is a word that speaks for itself. An expert online meeting and conference platform, Zoom has taken over the world by storm and has now become an indispensable part of our lives. It is an easy-to-use platform that comes with a plethora of features. All these features come together to deliver an exclusive and unforgettable experience to users. Zoom is quite a popular platform that had been in use even before the world got a hang of the remote working culture. However, it was during the pandemic, users started to use it extensively, and the rest, as they say, is history. In this article, we are sharing some best Zoom Alternatives for online meetings.

There’s no doubt about the efficiency of this platform; however, over time, there have been many cases reported where Zoom failed, and couldn’t keep up with its efficiency. Hence, this is why it becomes important to keep looking for other platforms. Keeping that in mind, we have curated a blog for you, where we will discuss the top 12 Zoom alternatives for online meetings and conferences.

1. Mixhubb:

The first name that pops up in our mind is Mixhubb, a 3D online platform. It is an all-in-one platform that has been designed to cater to all kinds of organizers and their online event needs. This online conference platform comes with an advanced interface that enables organizers to conduct 3D events and deliver experiences closer to life. Not only this, Mixhubb is a self-managed and customizable platform that enables users to plan and execute their ideas however they want.

As said, Mixhubb has been designed keeping the needs of users in mind. Hence, it comes with a range of powerful features that help users deliver their ideas without any chaos and hassle. Some of the features that Mixhubb provides to its users are screen sharing, file sharing, multi-device compatibility, detailed live analytics, video chat, networking tables, etc.

Apart from it, the feature that makes Mixhubb a top priority among several users is the fact that it offers users a one-month free-trial offer.

2. Fuze:

Fuze is a completely web-based online platform for hosting meetings and conferences. It is the reason this platform doesn’t come with any compulsion of downloading any additional software or application. Also, it comes with integrating capabilities that enable users to integrate with third-party applications and software. It helps them elevate the level of their online events and experiences. Some of the features of this platform include screen sharing, recording, live chat, etc.

3. RingCentral:

This online meeting platform comes with a diverse range of features. These features help users execute their ideas in a seamless and hassle-free manner. Not only this, RingCentral has its own desktop app, mobile app as well as a browser version. RingCentral has a simple interface that makes it easier for users to access the platform and host meetings and conferences.

4. Webex Meetings:

Next up, we have Webex Meetings, an online platform known for delivering exclusive online experiences with the A1 features it comes with. To boost interactivity among attendees, it provides them with real-time chat features. Not only this, it comes with advanced features such as gesture recognition and emoticon reactions. Also, it comes with real-time audio translations for more than 100 languages.

5. GlobalMeet:

GlobalMeet is an audio, video, and web conferencing tool that one can use to host successful and unforgettable online meetings and conferences. It is a multi-device accessible platform that users can access from any platform of their choice. This platform is compatible to host all kinds of meetings beyond their scale and types. Some features that this platform provides include multi-lingual support, file sharing, screen sharing, etc.

6. GoToMeeting:

It is one of the most prominent and popular platforms in the online event industry. GoToMeeting is a scalable platform that has been created to cater to all kinds of events and organizations. This platform comes with a range of features and an intuitive interface. Not only this, but it also doesn’t require much time and effort to plan and host meetings. One can set up meetings on this platform is very minimal time.

7. Google Meet:

Google Meet is an online platform by Google which comes with a range of features. It is a web-based platform that allows users to host meetings without downloading any additional software or applications. Not only this, but since it is a part of the Google Workspace, it can easily integrate with other software and applications of Google. This feature makes it easier for organizers to plan and host meetings.

8. BlueJeans Meetings:

This promising platform is known for planning and hosting meetings with minimum clicks and efforts. It is known for its advanced feature, Dolby Voice. It helps users deliver their online meetings in top-notch audio quality. Apart from this feature, it comes with several other features which include live chat, screen sharing and recording, multi-browser compatibility, etc.

9. TeamViewer:

TeamViewer comes with diverse features such as networking and interactivity tools, real-time detailed analytics, live chat, screen sharing, recording, etc. Not only this, TeamViewer is a multi-device and browser-friendly platform that can be used according to users’ convenience.


Talking about the next platform, we have, one of the safest and most secure online platforms. This particular platform comes with features such as screen and file sharing, recording, detailed analytics, etc. Not only this, it is a multi-device browser compatible platform. It means users can use this platform from any device of their choice.

11. Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is another authentic and reliable platform on our list that one can use to host online meetings and conferences. This platform comes with screen sharing and recording capabilities. It comes in two different plans; free and paid. Not only this, but being a part of the Microsoft family, it can easily integrate with other software and applications by Microsoft.

12. Skype:

Last but not least, we have Skype, one of the oldest and most well-known online platforms for hosting conferences and meetings. It can hold meetings with up to 50 people at one time. Also, users don’t need to log in, all they need to do is click on the link. It has a text-chat window that enables attendees to chat with each other. Also, it is a multi-device compatible platform, which means it can be used on any device according to the users’ choice.

These 12 platforms have been giving a tough competition to Zoom. If you want to try something new apart from Zoom, you should definitely go for any of these platforms.

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