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What is ICO Marketing Strategy: How to Promote your ICO Effectively

The full form of ICO is an initial coin offering that enables people to quickly raise the funds for the project of cryptocurrency. The process consists of selling some crypto coins of the cryptocurrency to its initial investors exchanging the bitcoin or legal tender. This is the same as an IPO in which the investors buy the company’s shares.

ICO is the latest venture which is day by day getting famous because of the building of the latest cryptocurrencies. 2017 was the quantum leap year for cryptocurrencies in which over  $5.6 billion was received from various ICO projects. The amount was urged from nearly 430 successful cryptocurrency ventures.

Even with the success there are various unsuccessful ICOs who have nearly 48% of ICOs in 2017 and handles to take on their soft cap. In the present times, there are over 1500 cryptocurrencies, and are still counting. This raised the competition amongst the new launching cryptocurrencies to reach a higher price.

Towards the cryptocurrency to become successful in 2018 there is a requirement to pose an effective ICO marketing approach to increase the ICO and make people recognize the same.

How to Promote ICO?

1. Make an effective website

A great website provides the foundation for your ICO digital marketing approach. It attracts the visitors to come and lay their attention. Thus prior to the launch of the ICO, you must ensure that you own the optimized website. Prepare the layout of your website in advance. It must be simpler to navigate through the easy design which enables the visitor to take much more details in less time. If your website has various unwanted details then your visitors might get away from ICO marketing.

2. Publish everything about ICO on the website.

Gives various details builds the trust in the site visitors thus giving ICO. simply accessible details also show the quality traffic to the website. Tap on the quality traffic and make sure that your website has a call to action in which the investors can invest in the presale.

3. PR and Media Outreach

When the website is ready then you are required to promote your website. The best and the most perfect plan to provide your ICO project a large outreach is through the use of the press release. Thus there are various top-tier websites that you can take to post the press releases. There is a website that is particular towards the crypto and thus assists you to take your intended audience. But most of the website is needed to furnish the premium thus there is some website where the people are happy to post it for free.

If you are posing with a big budget of nearly $50,000 for ICO marketing then you can hire the services of any agency. These are the professionals who can manage all the PR and media outreach. Besides that, this may be costly.

4. Use social media to pose out the cryptocurrency community

Social media is a non-valuable tool to the victory of ICO marketing campaigns. The method to communicate your ICO towards the audience is the difference between the failure and success of ICO. The social media platform gives the bigger opportunity to support the ICO to make trust between the community and to potential investors. Some of the common online channels in which marketing of ICO consists of:

Facebook- the cryptocurrency, ICO, and blockchains have been communicated in various Facebook groups. It is an effective channel to update the community and develop the ICO.

Reddit- it provides more approach for your cryptocurrency. You can draw into this exposure by building subreddits and commenting on the previously created threads.

Telegram- Telegram has access to building the community and messaging. This platform is raising every day and is being held via crypto people. It is much more important for doing the marketing for your ICO marketing.

 5. Bounty Campaigns

Bounty programs refer to providing incentives and rewards in terms of free coins to the individual for doing the tasks. If it is effective then these programs were instrumental in giving your ICO. This is due to these token provides awareness for your ICO.

6. ICO Listings

The various websites which list ICOs. owning ICO on these websites gives a rise among the investors and gives coverage to ICO. some of these sites give placement excluding the fee. But if you need complete coverage then you can obtain the placement upon the famous websites which ask for charges.

Success strategy

Whatever be the marketing approach you opt for promoting your ICO you can face tough competition. Thus you need to pose out the best so as to comrade others. Below are then mentioned points to fight against the competition.

Choose the correct customer base

As cryptocurrency is on the rise it does not show that you need to tell everyone about your ICO to everyone. You need to finish up spending the time and resources excluding obtaining the meaningful conversions. Thus to be on the effective track you must be sure that you know your target peoples and laid your efforts to that particular firm.

Ask for the services of an ICO advisor

An ICO expert needs the experience to assist you in promoting the ICO. you must thus hold on to the ICO advisor to help out you to manage the project. Hence an expert knows the pros and cons inside the crypto world. They enable you to tell you which marketing approach will be best and which does not. It lessens the losses which come through putting the efforts in the non-productive ventures.

You must clear your offerings

It is the most valuable thing to make ICO successful. Clarity makes people come to trust and increases people’s confidence among buyers which raises funds collected in the initial offering. To build confidence amongst the customers provide the details of all the members behind the project. You must provide all the details concerning financial things.

SAG IPL is an IT company that provides ICO development and marketing for your cryptocurrency. If you have the same project withheld then you can approach the company as the company will make your project at a much lower cost with respect to the other companies. SAG IPL also provides 24-hour support services to its clients.

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