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Top Mobile NFT Games for Android 2022: ‘Cryptornado’ and MORE! Crypto Gaming Trends You Must Check

For those who want to earn some type of money or currency from playing a game, NFT games are a big deal on mobile and it is a bigger deal now because mobile games have become popular. It represents the gaming industry’s future. Some of them are being built from the ground up right now. That’s why we bring you the list of 10 NFT games you play and add some money.

1. Cryptornado

At present, crypto is in the trend more than anything else. Even, the crypto trend is outpacing the most obsessive fashion trends like wearing floral printed dresses for women & printed shirts for men.

Consequently, a whole new trend of crypto games took place in the world. Yes! Cryptornado is an action role-playing game in the action game style of Diablo. All the games you are looking at come in a vertical format. However, the difference between this and other action RPG games is that this one allows you to earn NFT blockchain currency which has real-world value and can be used to earn money even if you are free to play as a player.

Cryptornado for VEMIX has three games of skill attributed to Fire, Ice, and Darkness. It has eighteen active skills and fifteen passive skills and its divided into three categories players can able to select three abilities based on their personal preferences and skill combination the higher the skill level greater the bonus combat power received by the player. Game props automatically drop as the game progresses and each game prop has a distinct effect on the player experience.

2. Bot Wars

Every game in today’s list is an RPG game in the style of this one which distinguishes the unique bitcoin Ethereum lite coin. Bitcoin Ethereum lite coin all of those things can be found in both wars or at the very least have the type of monetary value as you can see we have another vertical style game right here that allows you to earn that cryptocurrency in the process robots is the heart of this story. Moreover, it is important to be victorious to be able to earn those rewards, those valuable NFT or Non-fungible tokens that you turn into money. If you enjoy this type of game and role-playing games then this is the game for you.

3. Binemon

Similar to other blockchain games, players need to pay an upfront payment; it is necessary to acquire monsters before jumping into battles with the more rare character. You find the more valuable the character you find the more valuable the character will be in the eyes of people what we refer to is the actual NFT. Characters that appear on your screen can expand your keep and add value to it by spending more time to improve your skills, then they become stronger and give you stronger value. Binemon is a combining gaming concept where you have your income in one packet and the distribution of revenue between players increases. 

4. Crop Bytes

Is the farm wheel still in your mind that is created by the makers of FarmVille. In this game you will be managing your farm by growing crops, caring for the herds, and investing your money in the reward you earn here valuable NFTs. You can learn a lot about farming just by playing this game. There are many things accomplished with just a click of the button on this page. When it comes to this gaming it takes a ton of time to pay attention to what is going on.

5. Cryptopop

Due to the fact they used very similar mechanics, this one is very popular too. You can earn cryptocurrency by playing crypto pop. It is all about matching a similar variable like the quiz. Through this game, you can earn different bitcoin currencies and NFT-type currencies that you can find on the internet right now. Etherium is used in this game if you don’t know Ethereum is a very high cryptocurrency in the market not as popular as bitcoin but as demand increases it pushes its demand higher for people who want to play with this app to prefer using this more than bitcoin.

6. Crypto Word

A little brain teaser before you go to bed is included in this section. Your earnings grow in direct proportion to the amount spent playing the greater your earring the happier you will certainly be, it is the possibility it looks like the one just talks about. Except this is the crypto word the sound and game type are very similar if not identical words being only composed by you then it gives you electronic money that you translate into real money.

7. Crypto Dragons

Do you have a soft spot for dragons? Are you enjoy spinning the wheel? Do you enjoy combining dragons to create more powerful dragons?. Is possible that you enjoy this game called crypto dragons, in this game it is obvious that you earn rewards for doing everyday tasks and rewards in the form of blockchain currency. Associated with the game a large number of these games link with blockchain cryptocurrencies.

8. Splinterlands

It is a pretty straightforward game and it features dragons. In this game, you collect cards and utilize those cards the same way as in the game hearthstone. One of each card is actual NFT and helps you win cryptocurrency and earn the value associated with cryptocurrency and tokens. The fast and furious mode is quick combat, splinterland is a quick game to win some cash so, go ahead and try Splinterlands. The more limited these NFTs are the more valuable they are and the higher price at which they can be sold in the secondary market so go ahead and play.

9. War of Ants

It is still in NFT beta but currently available and executes perfectly well in terms of the design mechanic and card play style that we are familiar with from many other card styles. Heart stone is the best example right now because it is supported by the blockchain. All the cards you unlock and upgrade will retain the cryptocurrency value, some of them are very little value at the beginning and some of them increase their value as you progress through the game.

The fact that they are genuine NFT makes them non-fungible if you want to play the game and also makes some currency that is a great way to do so. You can do so and participate in-game that has some real-world potential such as. Ant war also has war events such as battles between ants so take a quick look at this game and decide what is this good for you.

10. League of Kingdom

League of kingdoms in which your territory, people, and things you construct have actual monetary value under the blockchain. As a result, this is the beauty of the rice kingdom that instead of spending lots of money you can earn some money by playing which is a significant improvement. However, this game is available on the mobile and pc both you can earn it now just from your mobile.

We hope that you find your favorite game and from that, you earn some kind of monetary value for daily expenses or you can strengthen your crypto game with this blog on Top Mobile NFT Games for Android 2022: ‘Cryptornado’ and MORE! Crypto Gaming Trends You Must Check.

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